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Erlang Module Benchmark Additions - Michael Truog — LiveJournal
Erlang Module Benchmark Additions
I decided to modify a pre-existing benchmark to include a few dictionary implementations. The newest dictionary implementation is rbdict and is not yet included in the Erlang distribution. I ran the benchmark using the latest version (R12B-5 without HiPE) on an AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3000+ running Linux 2.6.20 as x86_64 to get the results below:

array (fixed):    get:     8164µs, set:    14293µs
array (dynamic):  get:     8334µs, set:    14421µs
tuple:            get:     1472µs, set:  1603101µs
gb_trees:         get:   113114µs, set:   212955µs
rbdict:           get:     8523µs, set:    36555µs
orddict:          get:  4677552µs, set:     3860µs
dict:             get:    11223µs, set:   153662µs

The results show that rbdict is worth getting if you need an efficient dictionary implementation in Erlang.

I found a benchmark done by Robert Virding with random input. The input to the benchmark above was not random.
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