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Michael Truog
Erlang Pseudo Randomness
Here are some interesting ways to get pseudo random numbers. Using the reductions count does not generate a uniform distribution in the test, but perhaps in a busy system it (erlang:statistics(reductions)) could be uniform. The benchmark was ran (with R14B01, without HiPE) on an AMD Phenom 9950 Quad-Core (64 bit) running Linux 2.6.32-23-generic (Ubuntu).

erl -noshell -pz ebin -s run test -s init stop
TEST pseudo_randomness
N == 10000 (10 runs)
crypto:rand_uniform/ get:    58996.8 µs ( 26.1)
        erlang:now/0 get:    10001.3 µs (  4.4)
erlang:process_info( get:     2256.5 µs (  1.0)
erlang:statistics(r) get:     2436.1 µs (  1.1)
    random:uniform/1 get:     6723.0 µs (  3.0)
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