I started at a new position in San Francisco working for Nokia. My move is part of my continued pursuit of high availability, fault tolerant servers with cutting edge technology.

GDC '07

Got to GDC 2007 with a classic pass (this time with just walking a couple of blocks). Was a lot of fun going to the lectures and panels. AI, Physics, and the PS3 talks were very interesting.

An Inside Peek at Pixar

Today I was able to take a tour, go to a few classes, and view a few short films at Pixar. The experience itself was really surreal and interesting. I was able to do this through a donation to the Emery Ed Fund.

I enjoyed getting an inside peek at the Pixar culture, art, and modus operandi. Very, very, cool.
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The Westward Journey

This marks the end of my journey from Upper Michigan (next to Canada) to San Francisco, California in a small 2 door Toyota Tercel with 1 hairy cat. One of those things that is sort of fun, but sort of not.
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GDC and such

Unfortunately, I was unable to report much of anything at GDC during the actual event. However, it was an amazingly interesting event with very in-depth sessions. The exhibits at the expo were really neat too, tons of various companies that make all the various video games possible were present at the booths or as visitors to the expo.

It probably would have been better in San Francisco, where it is usually, but San Jose is a nice area. I am hoping to find out next year :)
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Going to GDC '06

I am attending the 2006 Game Developers Conference. I will try and update my blog with interesting information from the conference as it is happening. GDC is an amazing event and I hope to check out as many of the booths as possible.